Khun Aonsee Akkaralueng

I used to be an old man with many diseases. I got breast cancer until I had to cut it off. After a few years, the stomach is uncomfortable, bloating, and indigestion, sometimes I find medicine to eat or sometimes cook herbs. It was not until the last time that I was very painful that I went to see a doctor. The doctor said that I have gallstones and inflammation. The doctor told me that I needed gallbladder surgery. When you go back, take care of yourself to eat healthy and pay attention to eating and eating. You can only eat food that is very easy to digest. The only disease now is high blood pressure. It is easy to get bored. Sitting or standing up often feels dark and faint. Because I am very old.

One day, my daughter brought some herbs. It is called Lingzhi Plus Shiitake Lingzhi Plus Shiitake . I eat every night before going to bed and feel good sleep. In the past, I usually woke up 2 or 3 times in the evening , but now I have been sleeping until dawn. You can't walk as you did before, you can do more with merit. People ask me why I don't want to walk fluently with my cane ? I said because I ate Ganoderma lucidum and mushrooms. The 72 -year-old grandmother is still.

 Khun Aonsee Akkaralueng , 72 , from Udon Thani province.

Khun Aonsee Akkaralueng aged 72 years

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