Cancer is a disease of human cells. Our body consists of countless cells. The body will automatically increase the number of new cells, allowing us to grow, replace old cells or repair damaged cells. This mechanism is controlled by certain genes. But if the gene of the control mechanism is damaged, cancer will appear. These damages are likely to occur in our lives and there are not many people who inherit the damaged genes from their parents.

Normally, the cells are divided and multiply in a orderly manner. But when you lose control, you will still multiply and accumulate in the body as the mass becomes "tumor". Benign tumors can be divided into (benign) and malignant (cancer) two types, commonly known as cancerous malignant tumors.

Malignant tumors have cancer cells. When it was first created, it will remain in the same section, therefore being called "In the cancer of origin" but if the cancer cells are not managed, it will destroy the surrounding tissue and spread to other organs to become cancer spread.

When the cancer has spread to the original location of the rest of the body, this is called secondary cancer (secondary cancer) or metastatic cancer (metastasis).

What is the cause of cancer?
The cause of cancer is still a mystery. Despite this, some cancers are caused by our living habits or from the surrounding environment.
Many factors that cause cancer include smoking, excessive exposure, unhealthy food, prolonged exposure to chemicals and asbestos, and other carcinogens.
At the same time, some cancers are caused by viruses. For example, human papillomavirus (HPV) is transmitted through sexual contact and more than 70% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV.

Is cancer a contagious disease?
Not cancer is not a contagious disease, so dealing with cancer patients is quite safe.

Will cancer be inherited?

If a family member has cancer such as breast or colon cancer, the risk of cancer may increase. In some families, variant genes that control cell division tend to inherit from generation to generation. Although some members of the family have a high risk of cancer

How can cancer spread?
Although cancer cells grow like needles But it will expand its own blood vessels, which is called Create new blood vessels (angiogenesis). Sometimes cancer cells invade other organs of the body through tubes such as blood or lymphatic system. When cancer cells reach new organs that they may still spread, there is a breeding area and become secondary (secondary) or metastatic (spread) of the tumor.

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